Roulette Cheating in Casinos

Roulette is a classic game that has been in existence for a few centuries. Cheating at this game is not a surprise as unscrupulous players and casino owners, have mastered the skill quite well over the years. Though rare, cheating does happen by influencing where the ball will land making the game predetermined. Read more on this article and understand how cheating happens on roulette wheels.

How Casinos and Players Cheat at Roulette

The art of cheating at roulette, is a skill that has been learned well as there are several ways that casino owners and players influence the game in their favour. For starters players cheat by past posting, pinching or colluding with dealers. As for the casino owners cheating can be done in two ways. First by tampering with the ball or wheels by using magnets or padding.

Secondly, by installing electric blocking pins on the ball pockets on remote controlled wheels. The blocking pins have an electrical solenoid that pushes the pins when electric current is applied. All this pins are then connected in a way that they are remote controlled, and are pushed in a format that favour certain numbers Other methods used to rig at the wheel include;

  • Wheel rigging
  • Use of laser devices.
  • Colouring up chips

Apart from rigging at land based casinos, online casinos are also not perfect. Despite vigilant inspections from gaming authorities, some unlicensed casinos still find a way to lure players. These casinos cheat at live gaming sessions by playing recorded videos as live footage or refusing to show the full spin. The recorded footages are carefully selected so as not to favour any bets already placed.

How Magnets are used to Cheat in Casinos.

The simplest way is by installing a magnet beneath the pockets. The ball itself is also magnetized with say the north pole pointing outwards. For the ball not to land at zero, the dealer can activate the north pole on that pocket causing repulsion and the ball doesn't land on zero eventually. Nonetheless, it's not that easy because they also have to use an electronic device to prevent been suspected.

Which Casinos Use Magnets?

Cheating in roulette mainly happens in unlicensed casinos that run without monitoring from gaming authorities. This is because for licensed casino, cheating has a hefty penalty from gaming authorities. Additionally, maintaining a good reputation is essential for a casino in order to maintain trust with players. Licenced casinos rarely, use cheap pranks such as magnets at the expense other income generating games at the casino.

How to know when a magnet is used in casinos.

There is no formula that can be used to identify wheels that have magnets. The only sure way is by inspecting the wheels and balls physically by opening up the devices. However, in a recent case players who were using a special device to control magnetism were caught when the ball stuck on the dealers cufflinks. This is rare, in most cases it goes unnoticed unless there is intervention from:

  • Government regulators
  • Gaming and gambling authorities

How to predict when a Magnet is Used.

As noted there is no specific way to determine whether a casino is using a magnet. However, as a seasoned player there are several details you can pay attention to and find out if there is cheating. This include been on the look out on how the ball behaves, the pattern spins have been taking after a period of time and the pattern of outcomes.

How Casinos are Curbing Cheating.

In order to avoid losses or ruin a casinos' reputation, there are several measures that have been put in place to curb cheating. This applies to players, the casino and employees as well. Such measures include compulsory etiquette at the table to prevent pinching and regular inspections to ensure the wheels are not tampered with. In addition to that, gameplay outcomes are recorded and analysed for bias.